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Czech IVLP Alumni Club


  Country: Czech Republic     Year of foundation: 2011

  Members: IVLP Program Alumni 


The “Czech IVLP Alumni Club” is a civic association in the Czech Republic. The Club gathers participants of IVLP and other international US programs. The Club was established in August 2011 and has been registered, accordance the Czech Act No 83/1990, at the Ministry of Interior, under Number VS/1-1/87046/12-R, ID 22759441.

The “Czech IVLP Alumni Club” as an umbrella organization provides a platform for all members of the Alumni community to share and actively promote the knowledge and experience acquired in the USA by its members and by an entire public in the Czech Republic and also by Alumni communities abroad.

The “Czech IVLP Alumni Club” fosters Czech-American relations on a professional basis and supports the professional growth of individual IVLP Alumni. Club develops a list of contacts to other IVLP Alumni organizations in other countries in order to be able to develop international cooperation and to organize common activities and projects.

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