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Russian Fulbright Association

   Country: Russian Federation                     Year of foundation: 2001

   Members: Fulbright Alumni                   


The Russian Fulbright Alumni Association (RFAA) was founded in 2001 with support from the Fulbright Program office in Moscow. It was
created to ignite new opportunities and mutual help by connecting alumni together, and to promote the Fulbright Program in Russia. Since
the beginning it was decided to automatically accept all Fulbright Program alumni residing in Russia as members of the Association, and
currently there are more than 1500 alumni throughout Russia. During the past decade, the Fulbright Program in Russia has significantly expanded its scholarships to include not only experienced academics but also recent university graduates. In 2011, to recognize this change in the alumni body the RFAA have started an on-going process of transformation to better serve the needs of alumni and revitalize the Association.

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