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German Fulbright Association

     Country: Germany                     Year of foundation: 1986

     Members: Fulbright Alumni           Email



Fulbright Alumni e.V., the German Fulbright Alumni association, was founded in Frankfurt in 1986 by former Fulbrighters and now has over 1200 members. It is guided by the idea of the program’s founder, Senator J. William Fulbright, to bring together people of different nations and contribute to world peace through better international understanding.The association brings together students and scholars with a global focus and practitioners from a wide range of academic fields and areas of professional expertise. Most of our members have spent a Fulbright year in the United States. Fulbright Alumni e.V. is the platform for former grantees who want to promote global understanding. We are committed to tolerance and true internationality, striving to learn more about other peoples’ customs, surroundings and histories.Based on the personal and educational experiences and insights gained as participants in an international exchange program, it is the overriding mission of the German Fulbright Alumni e.V. members to

- strengthen and support cross-cultural contacts and exchange between Fulbrighters from all over the world;

- encourage dialogue and interaction between international scholars, experts, and activists on topics important to the political, social, and cultural life of our societies.

In promoting its political support for the Fulbright program, our association stays in close but independent contact with the Fulbright Commission in Berlin to support the German-American Fulbright program.The German Fulbright Alumni Association is supported by its members only. Grants and contributions from foundations, corporations, and individuals are welcome. Based on a young, lively, and broad-based membership, our association organizes a diverse range of regional and nationwide events. We organize a series of national events every year in order to realize the goals mentioned above. Regional chapters organize more informal cultural and social events on a monthly basis, including lectures, discussions, and “Stammtische”.


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