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On behalf of peace and democracy in Venezuela

Our world continues to witness turmoil, division and disruption often leading to violence and the undermining of basic human rights and values. This reality is playing out in an acute way in Venezuela right now, as the perfect storm of economic, political and constitutional crises have erupted into widespread protests with hundreds of thousands taking to the streets over the past five months. These protests have often turned violent and have left dozens of people dead, hundreds injured and have caused massive economic shutdowns leaving people lined up for days in search of basic daily supplies. Human rights groups have reviewed extensive evidence demonstrating the use of excessive force, arbitrary arrests and physical abuse against detainees that in many cases would amount to torture.

This divisive strife has worsened over the past two weeks starting with a vote on Sunday July 30 called by President Maduro to elect members of a constituent assembly with broad powers to effectively rewrite the constitution and most likely establish a new government further eliminating oppositional voices in the parliament. The international community is responding in a number of different ways with increasing intensity and determination, but the indispensable support and voice of the civil society should be definitely joined.

One such community, is the grassroots community of nongovernmental organizations in Europe and the Americas representing tens of thousands of alumni of U.S.- sponsored international exchange programs that seek to build mutual understanding, foster closer ties and strengthen peace, security and prosperity globally. We have become educators, scientists, governors, entrepreneurs and social leaders in our countries and regions and have contributed enormously both individually and collectively for over seventy-five years in establishing friendly communication and international cooperation between numerous countries worldwide.

We come from very different studies, nations, cultural and sociological backgrounds, ideological convictions and professional disciplines. But today we are all united behind a single idea, that of freedom in Venezuela. Freedom for all individuals to express their voices. Freedom to build a united, free, open and fair Venezuela. Freedom so that nobody else, in any society in the world, may be detained without legal and democratic guarantees, or unjustly judged; so that nobody may be pre-judged, coerced or directly or indirectly tortured; so that there is no violation of human rights, no inhuman or degrading treatment of humans.

We are raising our voices from Europe and the Americas, a refreshing Atlantic wind of freedom and democracy, and request the immediate release of Leopoldo López and of the Major of Caracas, Ledezma, together with the urgent re-establishment of democratic forms of government and coexistence for the great Venezuelan nation. Our voices are raised together as we chant: Long live Venezuela, democratic and free! Long live freedom!

The members of our organisations hold very different political opinions but are always united in the defence of a leadership founded on the search for excellence and on respect for the political thinking of others, for their customs and ideas, within an ethical code of defence of freedom, solidarity, respect for the natural environment and for economic and social progress.

It is only under exceptional circumstances that we raise our voice, as a sign of protest and dissent against injustice, harassment or persistent, unacceptable arbitrariness. The case of Venezuela and the prolonged cruel detention, devoid of all civil rights, of Leopoldo López, has forced us to firmly raise our unanimous, dissenting voice, on behalf of a very large civil society organizations.

There is no true leadership without genuine values. Only values can protect you against injustice, arbitrariness, pain, humiliation and deprivation. There is no true leadership without personal and political courage. There is no true leadership without leaders.

On behalf of all members of IANAMERICAS and ENAM, this declaration is undersigned by:

Ricardo Vanella, IANAMERICAS President, Argentina.
Johnny McPherson, IANAMERICAS Board Member, Canada.
Aldo Rojas ,IANAMERICAS Board Member, Chile.
Ketty Luzincourt, IANAMERICAS Board Member, Haiti.
Norma Iris Coto, IANAMERICAS Board Member, Honduras.
Leslie Gamero, INNOVAD-H/IANAMERICAS, Honduras.
Luis Pinzón, IANAMERICAS Board Member, Panamá.
Paola Ferrario, IANAMERICAS Board Member, Paraguay.
Javier Figueroa, IANAMERICAS Board Member, Uruguay.

Massimo Cugusi, ENAM Secretary General, Italy.
Vicente Lopez-Ibor, ENAM Board Member, Spain.
Muddassar Ahmed, ENAM Board Member, United Kingdom.
Ivana Bilic, ENAM Board Member, Croatia.
Gyorgy Kovacs, ENAM Board Member, Hungary.
Jeyhun Karamov, ENAM Board Member, Azerbaijan.
Aliona Cara, ENAM Board Member, Moldova.
Atanas Kochov, ENAM Board Member, Macedonia. 



Featured Members

VIA Circulo Jefferson Spain

VIA Circulo Jefferson SpainVIA Circulo Jefferson Spain

The Spanish International Visitors Association (VIA-Círculo Jefferson) was born in 2000 through an initiative of a group of former participants in the prestigious International Visitor Leadership Program sponsored by the U.S Departement of State. Since its inception, thousands of people have participated in the Program for International Visitors Leadership, including former Heads of State and Government, Ministers and many other public sector leaders, as well as distinguished personalities from the private sector.

Czech IVLP Alumni Club

Czech IVLP Alumni ClubCzech IVLP Alumni Club

The Czech IVLP Alumni Club is a civic association in the Czech Republic. The Club gathers participants of IVLP and other international US programs. As an umbrella organization provides a platform for all members of the Alumni community to share and actively promote the knowledge and experience acquired in the USA by its members and by an entire public in the Czech Republic and also by Alumni communities abroad.

Muskie Club

Muskie ClubMuskie Club

Muskie Club is an independent, non-governmental and membership-based organization located in Moscow, Russia. It was founded in October 2006, by an initiative group of alumni. The alumni association is primarily made up of Edmund S. Muskie Graduate Fellowship program alumni, however, the Club is open to alumni of other exchange programs too.

German Fulbright Association

German Fulbright AssociationGerman Fulbright Association

Fulbright Alumni e.V., the German Fulbright Alumni association, was founded in Frankfurt in 1986 by former Fulbrighters and now has over 1200 members. It is guided by the idea of the program?s founder, Senator J. William Fulbright, to bring together people of different nations and contribute to world peace through better international understanding.

Turkish Fulbright Association

Turkish Fulbright AssociationTurkish Fulbright Association

Fulbright Alumni Association of Turkey was founded in Ankara in1992 by a group of Fulbrighters from Turkey for the purpose of bringing the Turkish Fulbright alumni together, sharing their social and scientific experiences in the U.S., and enriching the relationships between the two people.

Kosovo US Alumni

Kosovo US AlumniKosovo US Alumni

KUSA is entering its third year of existence. Since its establishment in 2007 KUSA has grown both in membership and in activities organized. Kosovo United States Alumni (KUSA) was established in 2007 with the help of the U.S. Embassy in Kosovo and the founding board...

Russian Fulbright Association

Russian Fulbright AssociationRussian Fulbright Association

The Russian Fulbright Alumni Association (RFAA) was founded in 2001 with support from the Fulbright Program office in Moscow. It was created to ignite new opportunities and mutual help by connecting alumni together, and to promote the Fulbright Program in Russia.

Hungarian Fulbright Alumni Association

Hungarian Fulbright Alumni AssociationHungarian Fulbright Alumni Association

In 1991, the Hungarian Fulbright Association was established by Hungarian Fulbright alumni to promote the goals of the Fulbright Program, even after completion of their stay in the United States. The Association concentrates its efforts in the fields of culture, research and education.

Amerigo, Italy

Amerigo, ItalyAmerigo, Italy

The Amerigo Association brings together Italian alumni of the International Cultural Exchanges Programs promoted by the US Department of State (Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs). It aims to encourage the exchange of personal and professional knowledge and experience gained in the USA through the study programs

AAA, Azerbaijan

AAA, AzerbaijanAAA, Azerbaijan

The US-Educated Azerbaijani Alumni Association (AAA) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization that unites alumni of the State Department educational exchange programs in Azerbaijan. As a result of all of U.S Educated programs, the whole generation of the US-educated Azeri cadre developed in the country, working for the Azerbaijani government, NGOs...

Think Big Team, Serbia

Think Big Team, SerbiaThink Big Team, Serbia

Association Think Big Team serves as a platform to former participants of U.S. Department of State funded exchange programs, that were a part of a certain education or cultural exchange and have lived in the United States as young ambassadors of their country, to easier realize their ideas in the area of volunteerism and civic activism and act as agents of positive change

Ron Brown Fellowship Network

Ron Brown Fellowship NetworkRon Brown Fellowship Network

The RBFN represent the Alumni organization of the Ron Brown Fellowship Program which, in 12 years of existence, enabled more than 500 young people from Central and Eastern European Countries to gain superior post graduate educationin the fields of business administration (MBA), Economics, Law, Public Administration and Public Policy...

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